By self-insuring and using a third party administrator, employers have the opportunity to reduce administrative costs, increase flexibility and expand the services offered to employees. But there are many vendors offering to do some or all of these services for you.

What makes SOMI exceptional and the best choice for your business and your employees?

Comprehensive Services
While SOMI can effectively and efficiently manage one benefit plan or service, it can also manage your entire benefit program.  This simplifies vendor management and allows you to maximize efficiencies between benefit offerings.

Accuracy Above the Norm
SOMI averages 99.2% financial accuracy for claims adjudication while the industry average is 95%.  In addition, it averages 99.4% procedural accuracy for claims.  Again, the industry average is 95%.

Outstanding Customer Service
At SOMI, 96% of all calls are answered within 30 seconds.  Our call abandonment rate is less than 1%.

Accumulated Industry Knowledge
The average SOMI employee has over 10 years of experience in his or her field of expertise.  In addition, the average SOMI employee has been with the company for over 4 years.  SOMI enjoys virtually no turnover.  This means that not only are SOMI staff extremely knowledgeable about their industry but they are extremely knowledgeable about your plans and your needs.

SOMI has been a licensed third party administrator for over 20 years.   SOMI has served its clients through years of economic growth and prosperity and it has helped its clients through years of economic downturn and recession.  SOMI has the experience and the perspective to help its clients prepare, plan and manage for long-term success regardless of the economic condition.

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