In order to ensure its customers the best service for the best price, SOMI employs a “best of class” philosophy to the development of new products and services.

SOMI monitors its strategic partners closely in ensure that the total offering continues to meet high quality standards and customer needs.

SOMI currently uses the following organizations to enhance its services:

AHDI (American Health Data Institute)

SOMI's Data Warehouse and Targeted Utilization Management Partner. Using a varaiety of tools including: Health Care Indexing, Chronic Disease Management, Predictive Modeling and Physician Profiling, AHDI's goal is to increase the value of healthcare purchased while actually decreasing overall costs.

AHDI has recently won a Federal Patent on their Chronic Disease Management model and Provider Profiling.

Key Care Guide

AHDI has established an interactive personal Health Management System designed to help educate employees and spouses about their health risks and areas to improve their health status.  This system was developed in partnership with Duke University Medical Center. Employees can access the Health Management System which includes: a Personal Health Assessment, a Personal Health Chart, a Health Index Comparison Chart, a Health Concern Report, Exercise Log, Medical Encyclopedia and extensive educational tutorials custom designed for the member. Employers benefit from the easy implementation and use of this system. This system provides the employer with a self administered wellness program than can track and measure member activity and results. Employers can then offer rewards and incentives for usage of the system.

Pinpoint Wellness Systems

Pinpoint offers a series of wellness-related services that include an annual Health Risk Assessment (HRA) with onsite cholesterol and glucose screening as well as onsite disease management consultations.

Follow-up also includes AHDI’s KeyCare Guide, which has numerous online tools to assist you in achieving and maintaining your personal health and wellness goals.  At specific times during the year, in conjunction with AHDI’s telephonic Chronic Disease Management Program, Pinpoint will provide on site, private, one-on-one counseling sessions with a registered nurse for individuals who may have chronic illness.


SOMI's PBM partner,CVS/Caremark is one of the leading prescription benefit managers responsible for administrating prescription plans to more than 60 million Americans. SOMI has negotiated one of the most competitive contracts in the industry with the deepest discounts, no administrative fees and state of the art analytical reporting and management.

Preferred Provider Organizations

SOMI partners with many local and national PPO networks throughout the country, as well as direct negotiations when possible. Please visit "Find A Doctor" under our Members section for provider links to our various partners.


SimplyWell's integrated health solutions product portfolio offers comprehensive turnkey solutions to employers with proven results.


Planwatch is a powerful, HIPAA Compliant, web-based tool that provides customized health plan data and analysis for past, present; and projected trends and costs. Developed to maximize the performance and minimize the cost of employer funded plans, Planwatch identifies cost drivers and specifies how, when and were money is being spent. As user friendly as it is versatile, Planwatch makes it easy to discover, verify and adjust health plan related expenditures. It blazes a new trail in benefit management efficiency and delivers results to the bottom line.

HR That Works

HR That Works was designed to build an HR department and an HR career at companies with 15-500 employees. However, companies of all sizes utilize the incredible tools available in this program. It is the most powerful program of its kind anywhere in the country. 

Features include:

  • Personnel Forms and Document Portal
  • HR Department Audit and Audit Builder
  • HR Department Improvement Plan
  • Lawsuit Free! How to Prevent Employee Lawsuits
  • Employee Handbook and Employee Contract Builders
  • Employee Surveys and Survey Builder
  • Special Reports and White Papers
  • Training Modules
  • Compliance Quizzes and Quiz Builder
  • Risk Management Models
  • Compliance & Culture Newsletter
  • Strategic HR Tools
  • Legal Alerts
  • Monthly Webinars
  • New User Training
  • Hotline Service


Lighthouse1 has revolutionized the FSA Industry with the Flex Convenience debit card system.  Adding to our portfolio of new, more robust, consumer directed administraiton software are the systems from Lighthouse1, the industry leader in Consumer Directed Healthcare (CDHC) software.  This software provides us with increased responsiveness and helps us beter meet our client's FSA benefits administration needs. The Lighthouse1 flex administration software is a web based program that allows us to:

  • Simplify processes
  • Debit card (Master/Visa)
  • Provides Employer and Employee Portals
  • Enhanced online enrollment capabilities
  • Provide real-time account balances that integrates with debit card

TravisCobra Web Administration

This innovative on demend service combines a real-time, full-featured COBRA administration system with web based access makking COBRA informaiton easier for Employers and Qualified Beneficiaries to access. In 1986, Travis Software Corp. was the first company to enter the market for COBRA administraiton software with TravisCOBRA. In 2005, Travis reinvented the COBRA administration software industry with WebCOBRA.


QicLink Extended Enterprise (QicLink e2) is an enhanced version of the most widely used, production-proven software engine for benefits administration. QicLink e2 is a comprehensive system that delivers rapid return on investment by maximizing auto-adjudication rates and reducing claims-processing costs.

The solution offers the capabilities and flexibility to enable benefits administrators to cost-effectively control operations, manage varied and complex benefit plans and deliver timely, meaningful information to constituents.

QicLink e2 combines proven COBOL efficiencies with the Microsoft®.NET framework and the power of Web services, to provide greater connectivity and information-sharing capabilities as well as a more user-friendly application design.

The core QicLink e2 system manages key health-claim transaction processes, including membership, provider files, plan definition, and re-insurance. QicLink e2 is optimized for high-speed, automated processing and readily interfaces with third-party solutions as well as Web-based trading partners.

QicLink e2 is available on a hosted or installed basis.


  • Increases automation and simplifies the claims-payment process
  • Reduces claims-processing costs
  • Offers seamless, real-time integration with all system components
  • Facilitates HIPAA-compliance efforts
  • Supports varied and complex benefit-plan designs